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If the cows cannot be outside ("over 300 days outside")- what are they fed?

September 03 2015

Hello D, thank you for your question. If weather makes it unsafe for cows to be in the fields (e.g. lightning) the cows are brought inside where they are fed harvested grasses from the same field they normally graze on.

Product: NorCal Organic Classic Whey (lecithin free)

I am interested in purchasing the whey with lecethin and just want to make sure there is no stevia in this product?

August 22 2015

Hello Barbara, thank you for your question. There is no stevia in the Unflavored NorCal Organic whey.

Product: NorCal Organic Classic Whey (lecithin free)

Does this product cause gas?

July 06 2015

Hello LED123, thank you for your questions. There is less than 1 gram of lactose per serving. We have not heard of any customers having an issue with gas. Thank you.

Product: NorCal Organic Classic Whey (lecithin free)

Does "classic" contain casein (alpha & beta)?

June 22 2015

Hello Jitnender, thank you for your email. There is no casein present in either NorCal Organic Classic Whey Protein or NorCal Organic Whey Protein. The only protein present in either product is whey.

Product: NorCal Organic Classic Whey (lecithin free)

The cows used to create this product are not treated with rgbh are they? if not what confirms they aren't? Thanks for any responses

May 29 2015

Hello Sam, Our cows are never treated with rBGH or rBST .

Product: NorCal Organic Classic Whey (lecithin free)

What's the difference between NorCal Organic Whey and NorCal Organic Classic Whey?

January 01 2014

NorCal Organic Whey contain a very small amount of organic sunflower lecithin while NorCal Organic Classic Whey does not. Lecithin aids mixing with a spoon or mixer bottle, but when using a blender, there isn't a noticeable difference.

Product: NorCal Organic Classic Whey (lecithin free)

Dear NorCal Organic Customer,

We have always been a company focused on providing the highest quality products to our customers. This includes our packaging. Recently we started using a new type of bag with the goal of reducing the amount of plastic we use. This was based on our company's environmental goals as well as many customer requests.

The new bags have an inner bag that protects the ingredients inside from air and moisture. The second layer of the bag, instead of using a plastic, we chose to use a paper based layer made from wood pulp. This reduced the plastic in our bags by 60%. Unfortunately, we have heard from a number of customers that this new bag is not durable enough and they have received bags that were damaged in shipping.

First, we apologize if you have been one of the customers that has received a damaged bag. Second, we are working as quickly as we can to bring back our previous bag packaging that provided the durability needed for our product to survive what can be a rough shipping experience.

Please reach out to us if you have received a damaged bag so we can take care of this.
Thank you for your understanding and patience, we will work as quickly as we can to correct this.

Thank you for your support.


NorCal Organic

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