Source Organic in the News!

November 28 2013

Take a look at Source's founder discussing the benefits of whey protein:

"Like most manufactured foods, protein powders are not created equal. Organic is really the way to go. Since whey and casein come from milk, the same concerns that apply to non-organic dairy apply, like pesticide residue, added hormones, and the cow's GMO-corn diet. (This issue is why Matheny says he created Source Organic Whey, which also sources its whey from grass-fed cows.) Note: Casein has also been shown to promote the growth of cancer cells in some animal studies.

Organic is also especially important with soy, since more than 90 percent of the crops grown in the United States are genetically modified and pesticide-soaked. Non-organic soy also tends to be heavily processed, which your body won't like. "Super-processed soy is not really digestible," Matheny says."


Source Organic Whey is one of the most pure, grass-fed, organic whey protein powders on the market. From Jersey cows on family farms in Northern California, we think it's the best whey protein out there.